Wednesday 14 September 2005

kelly and erin

kelly and erin
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yay for me! had a brilliant time with a couple american mates last week. they're off for a long euorpean tour. and they're keeping updates while they go on their new blog. *what a brilliant idea!*

watch them go at

ciao ciao


Kelly said...

We had an even BETTER time with you, my dear! =) Thanks for your great hospitality! Lots of love & BIG HUGS to you!

Mary Anne said...
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Mary Anne said...

that's really cute. How fun that they could meet up with you halfway across the world! fun fun. hope you had a blast =) (this is kel's sis by the way)

EilĂ­s said...

It was brilliant!

yo mary anne, i think we met at a track meet once. i like watching your flickr photos, though kelly says you're an adict. *grin* keep em up.

hannahlou said...

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