Monday 30 August 2004


there will probably be equal parts randomness and seriousness posted here as it's going to be my thoughts and such. welcome. i'd be glad to hear yours.

i have a habbit of writing out my head so this might be the outlet if i deam it safe for other eyes. one thought on a new blank page:


naked and shamed
waiting for cover
it takes my thoughts
imagination to clothe
redeeming the shame
filling empty pages
as leaves covered Adam and Eve
here there is no need for guilt
all is told, all is revealed
beauty exposed, daemons loosed
heart bared and head bowed
pain relived as words spill
there is no quarter given
none taken.
harsh words may accompany greatness
ideas to come, spill forth as a flood
and relief of embarrassed nakedness
is given
blank is no longer and
white is now many colours
rejoice—there is life written on death.

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