Sunday 19 September 2004

back up a bit

sorry about all the info with no good background...please let me explain...
Northern Ireland is broken into two communities. Generally, if you're Protestant, you want Northern Ireland to remain in union with England and you're called a "Unionist." If you're willing to have this be the way it is, and are willing to use any means and force to keep it this way, you are called a "Loyalist." The Loyalist political party has the most seats in the Assembly right now so that extremist group, the Democratic Unionist Party, lead by Rev. Ian Paisley, has the most say in the government *which is ruled by Tony Blair and England* But...if you're Catholic, chances are pretty great that you'd like Northern Ireland to be joined as one nation with the Republic of Ireland. If this is so you're known as "nationalist." Then, just as the Loyalists, there is a hardline, extremist group that is willing to kill if necessary to make this republic happen. they are known as "Republicans." Politics also has a hand in this side and Sinn Fein, lead by Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness, are the second in command. What most people hear about with relationship to Republican Northern Ireland is the Irish Republican Army (IRA), although the biggest paramilitary terrorist organization, it certainly isn't the only one. Both sides have their respective organizations and neither can lay the blame or amount of pain caused on the other.

hopefully this helps out with understanding.

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good stuff, explainations, thoughts, pictures with description and explaination. really helps clarify it all. and the step by step is fun to follow :-)

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