Monday 20 September 2004


after leaving england, and being back in the US for 10 months, i really really became addicted to coffee. so tomorrow i'm going to captian cooks to buy a grinder for my coffee bean and my new friends Mark *from Cali* Helen *from Aukland* and Don *from Belfast* are going to enjoy a brilliantly wonderful cup o joe!

in that light--thoughts on coffee:

The blackness strives to consume me.
Desiring to own my body
Sweetness looks to disguise the bitter heart behind.
As it begins to torture, I succumb—
Shaking in the power of it.
My head throbs with knowledge of struggle.
I give in—for time ends
As I lower my soul under the authority.

Striving to surface from under the dark,
I push under the hand of power.
My soul aches for it.
My body desires the curse to be running gloriously through my veins.
Filling the innermost parts of me with its wickedness.
The black anguish begins to wear away.
Will I follow again?
Will I allow the power back?

Time goes on...
While my body again begins to crave,
I suffer through its call.
This blackness which threatens to consume me.
I fall—I drink of its beauty, its sweetness, its power.
Again I tremble in its embrace.
Cowering before the throne,
I take the offered cup.
I am in the grasp of black ache once more.
Will I ever leave?


Anonymous said...

Ah, you are never that far away from us as long as the desire of the dark bean flows in your veins. Really really.

Anonymous said...

who's helen?? tell her 'kia ora' from your brother!

Anonymous said...

You and your coffee... it makes me laugh. Although, who am I to jest! Carri's got me hooked on mexican mochas right now... mmm...
Saw Jodi.. she's got just a little belly showing! Love you.

Anthrodoc_1 said...

Interesting take... have you ever sipped "black smoothness" in the rocky mountains at sunset? And Jack Johnson? Great musical ear... "Bubble Toes" and what not... ever listen to Dave Matthews? Slainte!

Chris said...

Wow... I've never heard it described that well!

I used to have 5 cups a day each with 3 spoonfuls in. The way I quit? Got ill... couldn't drink caffine as it screwed my stomach up too much. Forget this cutting down business. Go cold turkey! Ok so you'll be in agony for about 3 days with a killer (and I mean killer) headache but believe me it is worth it!

Then after you can still have the occasional real coffee and not worry about being addicted! It makes you FEEL healthier if nothing else!