Tuesday 28 September 2004


something about greyness holds a fascination for me. that greyness holding the sea and surrounding the mourne mountains...

Clarity scampered into darkness
As gloom descended with the fog.
Looking ahead down the Road to the trees,
Which had just been outlined in perfection,
Now only reveals the tops,
Floating in a sea of misty clouds.

Rays of light were fading into sodden grey.
Swathed in melancholy wonderment,
The world drifts into gloaming.
Allowing the anguish of darkness
To overcome the pain of light.

Briefly, a hope of blinding brightness
Flashes through the clouds shrouding the trees.
A glimpse, then gone.
Gone is the hope of light.
Embrace the darkness,
The hazy lines of life have faded--succumb.

1 comment:

Anthrodoc_1 said...

Funny how the Irish grey paints a more vivid green. My time in Ireland is still a carnicopia of color. A soft colour still has beauty, if one can only see it. Be well...