Wednesday 15 September 2004


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It’s now 11h44 UK time. My body is telling me that I’ve been awake for 21.5 hours. By the time I catch my flight to Belfast, arrive, hopefully have tea, and try to desperately stay awake until around 21h00 Belfast time, I will have been awake a full 31 hours. What joy! It’s only been 21 and I’m already shattered. The flight from San Fran to London was an hour shorter than planned and I had the lovely time of sitting next to a brother and sister from Belfast. It was absolutely brilliant, and helped the time go faster.

I’m watching an old, semi-overweight woman read a “Personal Trainer” magazine. How ironic as she’ll probably never do any of the recommended training ideas. So that makes me wonder what I read and see but never actually hear and see.

A kid just sat down with a cymbal bag. Maybe he’s a fabulous drummer and no one knows it. Or maybe he plays crap, but loves it. I wonder what kind of cymbals they are and watch him tap his hands on the back of the chairs next to him.

There’s a young dad and mum with their little boy and lass. Da’s trying to get the lad asleep, nearly falling asleep himself. He looks well knackered. The wee lad will have none of it and proceeds to get down and offer his crisp to another baby tucked in a pram.


Anonymous said...

Alien Symbols, I guess you are in the heart of crop circles after all. Either that or it's a Mac thing!

Eilís said...

no, it NOT a mac thing, it's my computer set up for the UK keyboard. next time i won't type it in word and then paste it.

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