Friday 24 September 2004


i was inspired by another source.

Harsh downpour covering the soul
Creating confusion as the clouds suffocate the earth.
Thunder growls her fury at the hills as the lightening
Sharpens the shadows of the crags.
Here in the hills of life, storms pass with anguish.
Rain does not offer growth and goodness,
But it forces floods of pain and wondering.
All that is known collapsing from the wind.
Rubble lies upon what was once verdant and bright.
But rains and pain will end
As they do, the water abates
Beginning to wash away the grime
Uncovering the earth that will supply fruit and growth.
Soon the rubble and crushed stones will be overgrown
The truth of life and heart overcoming the pain
Life starts again. Hope renewed and joy birthed.
Storms can be lived through,
Knowledge of this fact is now given.
And life goes on.

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