Monday 11 October 2004


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there are some things in that make life much easier. measuring cups for cooking would be one of these things. over the course of the last week I've been baking: scones and chocolate chip cookies. My recipes are in american measurments as they are from my mum and not a cookbook, but the only measuring utensil that i have is a liquid pint measure. so my baking has been throwing things in and hoping that everything works, no measuring anything but milk. oh, and chocolate chips don't actually exist here so you have to buy a chocolate bar and cut it into chunks. so they are chocolate chunk cookies.

despite the obvious shortcomings, all baking endeavers turned out well and tasty and the next might be raspberry muffins...after I find muffin tins. *grin*


Chris said...

That's a much more fun way of doing it though! It also means you get much better at judging measures so you'll be a pro at baking!

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking of baking chocolate chip cookies....and I remember the days in Europe without American measuring cups...those were the days I really learned to bake!

Anonymous said...

I thought I just posted a comment, but I guess not!
Well, your baking reminded me of the best learning to bake experiences there Europe without measuring will never have to measure again after a year without it.