Sunday 17 October 2004

Hiking in the Mournes

Hiking in the Mournes
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after being in the presence of these four wonderful lads, i wonder why i bother doing AB and core workouts. have the Mourne Mountains ever heard that much laughter in one day?

we began at nearly half eleven. taking two cars as jonathan had the brilliance to bring zoë, his dog, along. winding through the periodic, odd cluster of houses and businesses we made our way through the rain, hoping that by the time we arrived it would have stopped. it did, and never really rained the rest of the day up there.

hiking through the mournes is really a feat in itself as you are constantly trying to out-manoeuvre the terrain. because of the recent rain, much of the lower section we hiked was very boggy. which i discovered myself at one point when i strode forward. my first step went in to my left knee and when, trying to catch my balance i stepped with my right, that foot also went in up to the right knee. laughing, along with the four other people laughing at me *grin* i realized that my feet were stuck in the bog and had to be pulled out. As funny as it was, this was the first 1/2 hour of hiking and i now faced the reality of spending a day with soggy, peaty, and wet feet. not bad though, there's always got to be one, right?

by the end of the day we were all muddy in various thicknesses and amounts, raymie taking the prize as he had face planted at andrew's feet, much to the amusement of the rest of us.

it was a good day.

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