Monday 25 October 2004


oh it's been one of those days, when YOU walk with me, so close i think, i caught the smell of angel wings, and my oh my unsuspecting heart, leaps from it' place, begins to race, i've finally found the place i never want to leave. why can't every day, why can't every day be like today?

it's sunny today, and cold. i'm looking forward to training tonight for it's one of those days when the world is there for the taking. it's been a weekend of emotions. pain and joy. and my heart yearns for YOU. but it's real, and i like real.

today it smells like autumn. the brackish smell of leaves falling and the wind carries the hint of winter to come. it's the kind of day when you wish you were mucking about in the garden. preparing the ground for the death of winter and wondering what will happen when spring comes again.

will the seeds you are planting now grow into anything? even after the winter will the flowers bloom again?

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