Thursday 18 November 2004

desert rose

desert rose
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tonight my friend david and i went to see Sting. we sat in a vip box, and generally enjoyed every minute of our brief, posh existance. Sting on the other hand, was brilliant. the band: electric guitar, aux percusion, drummer *wow*, two female bvs who could sing like nobody's biz, pianist, keys, and then sting on bass. anyone leading with a bass and singing has my full admiration.

he really does put on a good show, and a long one as he sang for two hours and then an encore worth several songs.

so here's the list: synchronicity 2, all this time, hounds of winter, dead man's rope, inside, you belong to me, brand new day, every little thing, fragile, fields of gold, sacred love, englishman in new york, whenever, ??, roxanne, desert rose, if i ever loose my faith in you, every breath, thousand years.

good mix of old and new, made me come home and dig out the albums.

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