Friday 5 November 2004

Guy Fawkes Day

today is Guy Fawkes Day. He is our most notorious traitor. 36 Barrells of gunpowder and he and his mates tried to blow up the Houses of Parliment in 1605. Now we have huge bonfires and fireworks. and we wonder what we are celebrating; the capture and execution of a traitor? Or are we honouring the fact that he was trying to do away with the government?

sometimes i think we lean towards the latter.


Bazuka said...

Ahh.. so that's what all the fireworks are about. I was wondering about that.

BeautiPhil said...

what what? dangit! how come that's not on my calendar? It's Lord of the Rings calendar, ergo New Zealand ergo the UK ergo it should be on my calendar... right? :)

must go light something up in celebration!

pseudonym said...

What's bigger- this or Bloom's Day?

EilĂ­s said...

Guy Fawkes Day is rather specific to the UK

Bloom's Day is bigger in America--all those "Irish-Americans"