Monday 1 November 2004


well hello. where did you come from.
are you from around here?
oh? over there? sorry, i must have missed you.
have you been standing there long?
no? oh, you just arrived.
welcome. please come in.
make yourself comfortable.
may i offer you anything?
a cup of tea you say? peppermint?
my pleasure.
please sit down. tell me about yourself.
have you been on this journey for a long time?
what makes you stay i wonder?
it's the grace?
yeah, i'd have to agree with that.
did you see the clouds around the moon?
and the fireworks over the lough?
i must show you where.
oh, you've been there too?
it's lovely, isn't it?
yes, take off your shoes
be comfortable. put your feet on the couch.
and lean your head back.
you must go? will you come back?
yes? good. please do.
it's a pleasure to have you visit.
please come again.

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