Sunday 14 November 2004

Line in

Line in
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Eire v South Africa. 17-12.

I had forgotten how much I love those outdoor, autumn, sport events where it's crisp weather and sunny. You can smell winter coming, but for the moment it's irrelevant. Today the attention is captured by the 15 men on the pitch and the oval ball.

Landsowne Road, Dublin. Cold, clear, and ready to fight, and that wasn't just the weather. The South African's Coach was fairly derogatory against Ireland in the press this week, but generally had his words pushed back down his throat as Ireland out-played, and out-fought the opposition.
It was great to see in person what I love to watch on tele and having the energy of the crowd to go along with it. Standing at the beginning and joining in the Irish side of the crowd sining "Ireland's Call" was brilliant. Crossing secretarianism and joining to support Ireland!

Ireland, Ireland,
Together standing tall,
Shoulder to shoulder,
We'll answer Ireland's call.

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