Thursday 25 November 2004


a building was bombed here on sunday. you know, it's probably the first bomb in belfast that hasn't made international news. they're saying it's the first legal bomb in belfast as it demolished a buildingto make way for progress. leaders in the city say it symbolises a new beginning for belfast. you wouldn't believe the people--they came out in droves to watch as the 19 story building fell. at the same time as it becomes a space for a new retail and leisure centre it congers up all sorts of thoughts and crazy memories of the city centre virtually closing during the troubles because of the number of bombings and riots happening. now our paramilitaries seem to have dropped their activity from bombings and riots to drug lords, punishment assaults, "godfather"esque power struggles, and "politics."

today in northern ireland, while we go about our normal business, america is celebrating thanksgiving. my family there is eating my favourite pie together and that great cranberry sauce shaped like a can. am i thankful that i'm not there with them? maybe, cause i'm thankful i'm here, in this country that doesn't know or care what day it is being celebrated in america. there are no more bombs here. thats enough to be thankful for. yeah, i ride the bus down the street and there are paramilitary slogans all over, painted kerb-stones, and opposing flags, but guess what? our politicians are talking. did you hear me? our politicians are talking! maybe it doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but realize please that 10 years ago they were still planting bombs. it's still very fresh. we've 30 year old cops who have seen more in their 10 years of service than most cops in america will see in their entire career. please be thankful.

happy thanksgiving.

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