Friday 19 November 2004


is snowed in northern ireland yesterday. winter is really here, despite what all our desires want or hope for. today it's a beautiful sunny, blue-sky, day. and very very cold.....what to do with the day?

what is like if you lose your sense of adventure and wonder? it's like an audience without a show, snow without a snow day, wine with no taste buds, a beautiful guitar with no strings. grab this day and make it yours, squeeze it for all it's worth. the day was made for praise.

you gotta dance like only HE's watchin'
sing like only HE's listenin'
and praise like only HE matters.

so yeah, enjoy that cuppa or brew, but don't let the lethargia grab you. get out there and do what is yours to do. make the most of the opportunity you have right now. should you move? move then! should you plant yourself? sit still then! should you speak? start talking then! should you listen? shut up then! Be still and know that HE is GOD in your heart. Now get up and follow.

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