Friday 10 December 2004

dinner excerpts

tomorrow i'm having a dinner party. i've required everyone to bring along something to read and share with everyone else. it could be the most touching thing they've read, some funny crap that made them smile, something that they've written, something that they've sung...whatever...but then they have to share why. i'm having a hard time figuring out what to bring myself. so i'm slugging through all this crap i've written over the course of the last several years, and waiting for enlightenment. maybe i should just write something new and be done with it. or just steal something from someone else and tell them all why i like it.

today i bought a book of lord byrons poems...stunningly, heartbreakingly, beautiful! maybe use something from there? i don't know.

dance. play. sing.
fiddle. laugh. jog.
smile. clap. run.
climb. eat. record.
write. sleep. hear.
love. enjoy. give.
work. live. listen.
kiss. look. think.

now what comes?
where to run?
questions hang in air
circling my head
for all the world like a flock of vultures
wait for a dead man walking
cold surrounds, envelopes the soul

Close your eyes—you are allowed—no, I don’t know how to console you, but close your eyes. Sleep my heart—rest my love. There will be a day to give it in time. Hold on to your heart for now. Your will know when the time comes and to whom you should give it.

Pure opaque
Murky dimness
Clarity heightened
Blackness deepened
One rose coloured glass
Night descending on day
Pain glowing with freshness
Calloused emotions falling.


Chris said...

"Hold on to your heart for now. Your will know when the time comes and to whom you should give it."

Do you think this is true? Maybe one day :o)

Dyv said...

As one of those lucky enough to attend said dinner party I would like to post my thanks for a tops night.

Remember - dont hit dogs, raise your voice with women or have randezvous on the stairs!

Anthrodoc_1 said...

Share your words and the guests will dine with satisfaction. I think, though (obviously) with merit, that we spend so much time dissecting how something is written that we ignore what is written. It is a voice, your voice, and the ability and freedom to share... what glory.

Be well.