Wednesday 29 December 2004

frodo's thought

the wrinkles around your eyes
are tiny memories of smiles and laughter
the thought of pain is still sitting
very close to the surface
and sometimes overcomes any hint
of happiness.
glimmers, though, break through
more and more often
while times are changing and life
is not so bleak and painful.
that smile draws me towards
a depth of heart i'm coming
to love.
the shadows are going.
clouds are moving away from
the sun as it spills it's light
over the coldness.
flowers hint of warmth to come
and your eyes sparkle.

1 comment:

Anthrodoc_1 said...

It never ceases to amaze me how a smile carries such weight - a will of it's own... and sometimes purpose past one's own thought. Be well and a brilliant New Year!