Sunday 23 January 2005

Dunluce Castle

Dunluce Castle
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belfast is lovely, and really is a great place to live, but the north coast is breathtaking and after spending the weekend a slingshots distance from the sea in a wee youth hostel, i could live looking at the clouds and sea for a long time.

everytime i think of, or see a picture of Dunluce Castle i have to chuckle, for it reminds me of Jackie Chan's Medallion film. *grin* never-the-less, it is stunning, but what i love even more to take in, are the cliffs it sits on, and taste the wind and sea, which bit by bit are returning the castle to the sea and cliffs around it.

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Anthrodoc_1 said...

Reminds me of cliff sitting at Horn's Head. Be well.