Monday 10 January 2005

Leeds gone

tonight, after being sick for three weeks, and running only twice in those weeks, i have to tell my coach that i won't be going to leeds, england to race in the BUSA XC championships. where is the dignity in that? three weeks of struggling to breathe has left me with a sub-par fitness level, and no lungs. i'm now on three inhalers instead of my normal two, and my legs are loosing that "i'm a runner" look. RUBBISH!!! this was really something i was looking forward to. and before i got sick, i could have put myself into a very useful position for my uni. now, i'm like any other punter on the street. slow, and out of fitness. now, instead of being a runner i'm just a tall, skinny, girl.


AshleyJoy said...

HA! If you're considered slow and out of fitness, what does that make the rest of us? Come now, Jack. You know it's not true. With as hard as you've been working, it won't take you long to get it back. So recover with dignity. *grin* Love you.

Chris said...

I would say there's more dignity in saying 'no' than in pushing yourself too far.

Love you xxx

Anthrodoc_1 said...

I currently am enduring my first "significant" injury (Gray Days to Come/October) - a mysterious, painful left foot ailment. Biking, basketball, and over all fitness have suffered. Not always choosing the "right" path for healing, I do feel that strength and dignity are be amplified when faced with odds... find satification that you weathered Gray Days and become better for it. Best wishes and above all - endure.