Sunday 16 January 2005

North Down XC

North Down XC
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Saturday Abbey AC went to the North Down XC Race in Bangor. Our mens team put up both the fastest 2 mile leg, and mile leg and in the mean time, came in 2nd of 13 relay teams. Us women fought off our shoddy lungs and just over sickness bodies and came in 3rd of 6. In two weeks time we'll be back to the same course running more than double the distance. Time to put in the miles.


AshleyJoy said...

nice sweatshirt. might have to help you fix that one. got some great colors in mind. ~your Beaver buddy

Eilís said...

LOL! Yeah, Whatever Dude.

Kelly said...

I agree... NICE sweatshirt! :) GO DUCKS!! Santi would be proud, hehe

Anonymous said...

shameless american