Thursday 3 February 2005

keep walking

it's one of those days when you second guess everything you are. when you're walking down the street realizing that you could disappear in the next breath, and not one person walking down the street with you would notice. then you begin to second guess why you are where you are, and what if nobody really does care? the lonliness begins to creep in and you can hear the daemons sniggering against the corners of your mind.

but the sky isn't really that dark. for what if they do care? what if their heart beats with a love for you that is unknown? how do you know the impact you might have on someone elses life? who are you to judge what your life means? what if your very breath is that which someone desperately needs and you don't know it?

even on those days when the very heart of you is pained and lonely, you still live on, knowing that the day ends and it's not always grey skies. so lift up your head, and keep walking. courage dear heart, you'll live on.


AshleyJoy said...

So very true. What a wonderful thing to be reminded of. On a side note, I met a woman at work last night from Ireland; I caught the accent right away. We got up talking about Belfast and how the people in Ireland in general are much more welcoming than Americans... really made my hours at work seem a little more worthwhile. You never know the kind of impact you will have, or that someone will have on you.

BeautiPhil said...

often your impact on someone else's life isn't seen by you... or them... until much later. so press on with unseen results

victoria said...

I love ur blog very much. You are kinda philosophical. Like tht very much. It's really sometimes an ejoyment to think of our own existence. The things we are having and people that we are loving or care. If they don't care, we care. There is sth there by caring sb. right?

Kelly said...

But what if a LOT of people DO care? :) Someone like you can NEVER go unnoticed, E! You are a shining star, a joyful song being sung in a dark world. Love you & miss you!! - Hobbity Kelly

Anonymous said...

you sound morose. is something wrong?
your friend in the U.S.