Saturday 19 February 2005

ode to new shoes

last night i had a thought for nelly furtado and went to pull out the album and enjoy.....

there was another album in the case that i had never seen before. i wonder how long it's been sitting there.

it's called Ode to New Shoes.

thoughts and memories came flying in thick and fast. New Shoes was an album in the making, but one that never got off the ground. unfortunately, for the musicians were talented, and it had great potential. the philosophy behind it was perfect...get rid of the old shoes and begin with new ones. but those old shoes kept getting in the way. they made scattered piles on the floor that everyone tripped over. part of me wonders what would have happened had New Shoes gotten off the books, been recorded, mixed, and mastered, and been circulated. would it have made the charts or just been the stepping stone for more albums? either way, i suppose i will have to turn the page in the studio "who's being recorded" book. maybe i'll borrow the idea and make a solo album

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