Tuesday 8 February 2005

pancake tuesday

today is pancake tuesday. have you eaten your pancakes today? why? oh, it's because tomorrow is ash wednesday, the beginning of Lent. so you eat pancakes as the last ditch resort to giving something up.

this will be the 5th year i've observed Lent. i've given up a variety of different things over the past 5 years. this year it's going to be sweets and caffeine. yes, i the coffee addict, am going to give up coffee and tea. Well, at least the caffinated stuff. flip me, if i gave up hot drinks all together i'd probably freeze. for 40 days no caffeine or sweets. this will be good fo me, but starting tomorrow will be several days of miserable headaches!

on another note, though, i will be partaking of pancakes tonight after i get home. will mrs buttersworth syrup, a lovely christmas pressie. *grin*

keep well, all. and do it with dignity. always with dignity.

1 comment:

BeautiPhil said...

whoa. good luck! decaff coffee isn't worth it is it?