Sunday 6 March 2005

Boyd's Shed, Carrickfinn, Donegal

Boyd's Shed, Carrickfinn, Donegal
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ah joseph........joseph keeps 33 sheep, and some cattle which he sells for meat. he also owns the cottage we *my parents and 5 mates and i* spent the last 4 days in. carrickfinn was once and island in Na Rósa, Dún na nGall *Donegal*. the funny *isn't it ironic* part of the bit of land is that it's next to the Donegal International 'aerofort.' one plane leaves in the morning and one returns in the evening. don't know where it goes but the assumption is that it returns from the same place. *grin* the weather was windy!! and cold, but the clear sky last night and the stars!...awesome in the way the word should only be used.

the weekend was full of laughter, games of 'settlers', random sundrys of theology and bits of sarcasm thrown in, with beautiful sunsets, lovely walks around the island, games you were meant to play as a 12 year old, memories of first kisses, and many, many cups of tea and coffee.

and in the words of joseph: it was brilliant, so it was!


Anonymous said...

Memories to treasure?
Or memories to invest?

Eilís said...

i don't know yet.

Anonymous said...

Joesph's relatives in New Zealand posted a copy of this to him. Joseph was suprised and hadn't seen it. Bye

aine said...

It's a small world. Stumbled on your blog by accident and realised that Boyds shed belonged to some neighbours of my father's family. They were kind people and when my father was a hungry child from a big family with a widowed mother, they would often call him and his siblings in on their way home from school and feed them bread Carrickfin is a magical place