Saturday 26 March 2005


today it's lovely and sunny out.
it's the perfect day to go out and do something, anything that requires being outside.

i wish i had more than a blue circle garden.
i wish i was with you today,
we would be laughing at whatever we were doing.
we'd be working in the "yard."
we'd be digging in the garden, or mowing the grass.
did you chop wood today, or trim the trees?
what was the weather like in the lorane valley?
did you have to build a fire today or was it warm enough for short sleeves?
you'll be tired at the end of your day
and i wish i was working along side you.
will the girls be over today?
will you be preparing for tomorrow with them?
does isabel know about jello eggs?
will she dye some too?
they'll all be at your house tomorrow
laughing around the dinner table.
maybe those crazy swedes will join you.
that will be good.
maybe you'll use "my dishes."
i wish i was there.

i miss you


Anonymous said...

You'll make me cry!! We miss you too!
Dad just lit a fire. It's a gray, rainy day here. But Isabel and I made jello eggs last night and they are ready in the frig!

BeautiPhil said...