Monday 25 April 2005

george michael

george michael
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the weekend of craziness and fun began with listening to 'George Michael and Elton John' singing 'Don't Let the Sun Go Down'. it was good craic and a brilliant beginning to the next couple days.

now it's monday morning at 09h33 and already the days been filled with a run, breakfast, a broken tooth, coffee, good laughter, and many thoughts of culture and gender equality. *grin*

8000 words to go.


calvo said...

broken tooth?

I know lots of words so, if you need help making that 8000 quota, you let me know. ;)

Eilís said...

pass on some of those words!

broken tooth. but not too badly.

hugeguy said...

Broken teeth are no fun, especially the repair and sanding of them.

AshleyJoy said...

Hey Sis,
Sure miss having you around and I can't wait until you come home for a visit. But I love how you use the quote I gave you on your blog title. It always one of my favorites... Talk to you soon.

Eilís said...

ta sis for the input. that's a brilliant quote. makes me think of 'un balcon en foret.' get it in english and read it--stunning! by balzac.