Wednesday 13 April 2005

i watched

i watched her walk down the street and my eyes went back to where he stood standing there....oddly enough, even though she was the one who had gone it seemed that he was the one leaving. so i watched, and wondered what she was thinking when she did that....maybe it was this:

why am i still standing here? you've walked away and aren't even in sight anymore. my eyes are clouded and i can't see your footsteps. the sun is still in the sky, and the birds still sing, but all of the sudden i'm very cold. breathing has become difficult and my chest is tight as though when you disappeared a vice was placed around it. maybe it's to keep my heart from completely going to pieces. even though it's cracked and broken, it stays in place. it's 12h01. how long will i stand here looking through the mist to an empty place? the coffee is hot, but it does nothing to warm me. yet it's a comfort because it's normal.

i walked away but it was really you who was leaving. there is no rest here and my head hurts. there can't be rest here for me. pain, yes. brokennes, yes. but rest, no. it doesn't exist in this place.....

or maybe not.


BeautiPhil said...

Matthew Brady: How is it you've moved so far away from me, my friend?

Henry Drummond: Movement is relative. Perhaps it is you who have moved away by standing still.

-Inherit the Wind

qu'est que c'est, ces pensées dans ta tete?

Eilís said...

good quotes. good thoughts. ta.

Anthrodoc_1 said...

Watching has a sort of artist's appeal. Regret has that tragic, poetic quality. I wonder sometimes if poetry can get in the way of happiness. Both can and do seem fleeting.