Tuesday 19 April 2005

leaving the residue

are you packing?

aye, there's nothing here for me now.

so you're giving up then?

no, i'm keeping my life intact and salvaging what i've left. it's not giving up when you've nothing to loose by going.

sorry it didn't work

what didn't work? maybe it did. heartache doesn't mean failure.

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Aaron and Suellen said...

Aw shucks I mean dang it, it sucks to have to learn some things some ways, doesn't it? It took me years to realize that when I prayed for patience, strength, faith, God was going to send me situations which required me to lean on Him to give me those things in that situation, and usually the situation was difficult. But then how sweet is it to go through it and let God use you later in someone else's life with similar struggles?