Wednesday 6 April 2005

Life Returned

Coming forward in shame and fear,
Bowing before YOUR throne.
Head down and hands clenched
Waiting for the verdict.

Silence falls and the stillness
Becomes palpable in the throne room.
All the angels stand at attention
Every eye fixed on the Glory

Slowly, but without any hesitation
HE stands and nears my trembling figure
Stooping to HIS knees, HE comes down
To my level.

HIS hands on my heart HE takes
What filth is there.
Upon that pureness rests my waste
And the suffering is gone.

The pain and anguish is undeserved
Yet taken with love and hope,
Left peace and radiant joy in its place.
I can live once more.

Taking both my hands in HIS,
HE raises me to my feet.
Erupting in cheers and praise,
Silence becomes chaotic worship.

Honouring the life that took mine
And gave what I didn’t deserve
Back to me
In hope, and in love, and in eternity.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

That is beautiful....

Thank you for reminding me about what a merciful, AWESOME God we serve!