Tuesday 19 April 2005


Originally uploaded by Eilís.
these lovely shoes are what I woke up to this morning. along with a massive pile of washing to do *how DO I go through that many socks during one athletics meet?* and a pair of very sore calves. wonders of wearing spikes for a couple hours, running a bunch of hurdles *what's the word for a groups of hurdles? A gaggle?* and then doing a 3000m...all in the rain and cold. good craic that, so it is!

and of course, it was all done with dignity. *and a grin*


Anonymous said...

Hurdles come in 'flights', and I'm sure you flew over yours.

Here we have 'track meets' heh?

Eilís said...

fair play: a flight of hurdles. but if you're going to post, at least ID yourself in some way.