Wednesday 4 May 2005

marathon bomb

Monday we had a marathon here in Belfast. After miles 12 it was rerouted because of a bomb. Only the first 20 runners made it through before they cordoned off the route and moved runners through another way.

this is ridiculous! the bomb was meant for chief constable hugh orde. but please, give me a flippin break! i mean, come on, you don't put a bomb at the marathon. if you want hugh orde hunt him down and shoot him through the window. come on, whoever you are, you're proably the IRA, and THAT's just it. you're the flipping IRA. do your work well. this isn't the troubles anymore. did you not learn at Omagh that you can't call it in and expect it to work out. too many people died. flipping heck, there are people everywhere cheering these runners on, it's families, and it's people raising money for freakin' CHARITIES! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING, IDIOTS! Give me a stinkin break!

it's not like it was a fake bomb. there are children and pensioners around. if you're trying to kill someone, go hunt him down and do it. aye, it's horrific, but you can't kill innocents like this anymore!

don't you get it that this isn't the way anymore. people don't like it, and if you think the mccartney sisters are a freak chance happening, well get used to it. THAT is how we are going to be now.

take the benefits away. either starve or get a job, you'd be too tired to make bombs if you actually had to freakin work for a living!

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