Monday 16 May 2005

Officially a geek

Today I was part of a research project for a music technology student at my uni. The researcher gave tones and I would say which one is the highest frequency and then they give you white noise with a tone and as it goes on the tone gets shorter and you say when it stops. But the first test they gave was a specific frequency and as time went on, the frequency went up.
You had to indicate with your hand when you heard it change...this is why I am poor at math but can EQ a violin...*grin*

So here are the frequencies and when I heard a difference:

*big huge grin!*

And yes, I am officially a geek.


calvo said...

pfft...I didn't need no test to tell me that! ;)

EilĂ­s said...

LOL. Thanks. nah, you didn't really , did you? but at least now it's catalouged, so it is.

BeautiPhil said...

hey, those are pretty small increments to notice! way cool. i notice your low end isn't quite as accute as the highs... ;-)

so you want to start doing sound work for insane tours with IWT? ;-)
Brazil, Columbia, Aussi, and Fiji all coming up!