Thursday 23 June 2005

where i live

where i live
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while homeless the last month i've been room surfing, couch surfing, and just generally moving from place to place. i happened to come across some soft hearted aussies and they've put me up in one of their extra bedrooms, lovely, so it is. it's on the grounds of Cabin Hill Prep School, the prep for Campbell College, which a private grammar school. it's pretty well though of and several people of fame, such as CS Lewis, went to this school. not a bad gig. and gives my wee brother a place to stay. WHEN HE GETS HERE NEXT WEEK!!!!


isn't it brill? aye, i'm quite chuffed about it, so i am!


BeautiPhil said...

i get to stay there? sa-weet!
so looking forward to it!

AshleyJoy said...

It's superb, so it is!!