Tuesday 5 July 2005

me and my wee bro

me and my wee bro
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my 'wee' brother came to see me after almost a year of not. it was a brilliant 6 days and he was a star in the middle of living in two different places and having to be scout for mum and da to make sure that all was well with me. he dealt with the awkwardness of new people with a massive amount of grace and entertained himself when needed *and even when I was a bit distracted*

we took Friday and toured about stranford lough, downpatrick, the ferry across to portaferry, and then up around the sea-side of the lough. a beautiful day and perfect for being outside of belfast.

summer madness was brilliant...more on that when the pictures are done.

'what's your identity?'


Aaron and Suellen said...

Christian, Southern Redneck Clown, Woman to be reckoned with, in that order. Not sure you wanted an actual answer to that question or not, but the question that keeps playing over and over in my head is "How do you define home?" I'd be interested to hear your answer to that.

EilĂ­s said...

you rock shorty. very good answer. we need to sit down and have a good discussion about this. it would be interesting to get the four of us together and see how different our respective perspectives are...so it would.

BeautiPhil said...

thanks. it was great :)
love you