Sunday 28 August 2005

oregon B&B

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because we say Go Ducks! Took a weekend away last week-end to the North Coast. I nearly had whip-lash when we drove by this B&B. We stopped later but no one was around...there was even an Oregon state liscense plate in the window. Class! I loved it, so I did. Would love to stop and see where they're from or why on earth they have all the Oregon gear. Maybe I should show up in my Duck kit. American Football season is starting....too bad it's not here....maybe the North American Sports Network will show it....maybe someone will take pity on me and record some and send it to me. (HINT HINT) *grin*

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AshleyJoy said...

*Go Beavs! Go Beavs!* got my ticket for the season opener against PSU and big! ol' concert afterward. Should be a good game to start the season with. Gonna be a good season to be a Beaver.