Tuesday 6 September 2005

bits and pieces

there's not really been anything posted lately that's really come from my head. i wonder if that's because of all the bits and pieces that are whirling around my life at the moment...all that is coming out are fragments of what's inside. none of it really makes much sense, but then i suppose that's how life is sometimes.

--Even though I had no choice to have you be my child, I would have picked you if the choice was mine. I would have chosen you.

--You called me, chose me for Your own. Pulled me from the wreckage of myself. I bow before the glory of Your throne, and Spread my empty hands in offering.

--You don’t want me. You turn your head away from me. You never show emotion. There was no hint of desire suppressed.

--I came here, from the ends of the earth. To stand here beside them as Your servant. Chosen for You, rejected by men, my anxious heart shall fail me.

--It’s a grey, autumn morning when my eyes open and I see the sky through the window. The misty rain falling is a perfect match to the clouds and grey in my head.

--It’s that I don’t know what I really want. It’s that all the memories are trying to scare me away from the beauty of your soul. away from your precious love. But I won't let it. We'll keep walking side my side.

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