Tuesday 27 September 2005

cathy burton & dan wheeler

last night three mates from beautiful littlehampton, west sussex had a gig in belfast. it was brilliant to see them and hear all the news. monkeys reunited. dan's hobbit hair was glorious and 'caffy' still has the ability to sing me to tears. their music is lovely, thought-provoking, painful, and real. it makes you think and wonder and laugh. they both head back into the studio for the next albums over the course of the next several months.

i'm wishing i could be involved in the process, but happy knowing that part of my heart is healthy and happy.

and the thoughts it all brings?

why do you ask me what i do?
why do you ask me why i do it?
you really shouldn't.
please just smile and walk away.
it's over anyway
looking through the window
i see it's all over.
hollow shadows linger across
what was once golden light.
my heart stops for a second
as the light glimmers through the clouds.
then you ask again.
what do you want to do?
why don't you make it easy on me?
i've just begun
and don't know what it will be.
you really shouldn't ask me what i think
or how i feel.
it's all grey hollow light anyway.
just hollow light and memories.
no solid footing or stable ground.
but you don't make it easy on me.

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