Tuesday 11 October 2005

and then it ended.....

flip me, what a weekend.

friday: got a job offer for an alternative education position *will keep you posted* worship watch pa, then to the Park Ave for a session of one. Then the two welsh lads showed up. it's hard enough to understand a low valley welshman, but one who's been having pre-match celebrations for 8 hours is even more difficult. I laughed at them for 30 minutes and then walked home.

saturday: race day. 2 miles. good start, rubbish finish. si came along and left me home. and didn't even chastise me for my tears or frustration. *nice* got tix to the brian houston/delirious/michael w. smith concert for free. front row seats. right in front of 12 bass bins. it's all about who you know and how cute you are. *thanks ange* my english boss rang on the way to say he was back stage. that made the night perfect. brian was brilliant. as were the D: boys. mws was a blast from the past and i had to laugh through the first three songs at this early 90s performance moves. good band though.

sunday: sang at church. first time. nervous, but it went very well, so it did.went home afterwards to take a nap. lovely. met helen at 19h00 to head out to see kate rusby. she was perhaps the best gig i've ever been to. maybe even better than james taylor quartet, although completely different.

monday: found out my clearance is pushed out again. yay for me. good running session. took the 'easy' session girls out. good stuff and my leg held out.

tuesday: new gear!!!! wooohoooo.href="http://www.alesis.com/products/hd24/">

and now back to writing about integrated education.

keep 'er lit

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