Thursday 20 October 2005

coffee anyone

it's 08.46. i've already typed several hundred words to add to my several thousand from yesterday.

the coffee cup has been filled for the second time to continue the blood-coffee level from yesterday. that final cup last night ened at about 0100 this morning. that was about the end of me. or was it closer to 0200? there's not too much i remember.

but i've got my introduction done and will have two chapters to turn in today that will consist of roughly 10,000 words. right now i'm sitting on 9000+....only 6000 more to go and still another chapter and another interview and then my conclusion to say why i'm writing this blasted thing anyway.

if there is anyone out there who knows, please tell me. i'm open to suggestions.

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AshleyJoy said...

I ask myself the very same question!!