Monday 28 November 2005


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friday night andrew and i flew to england for a conference. it was an interesting weekend, not least because i drove hundreds of miles.

it started friday night.....

we got to the airport in plenty of time to catch our flight, which was due to leave at half 7. then it was delayed to quarter past 8. and then half 8 and then 9 and get the idea. the pants thing about it was that it was delayed in 15 min incriments for 3 hours. although i suppose it's not that big of a deal to wait three hours for the flight, it then put us in Luton for half 11. we then hired a car--which i drove as it was hired under my name. *sneaky sneaky me* it was a three hour journey to the B&B on the M25 around London, roads neither of us knew and it was cold enough to snow...which it periodically did. nice.

we did learn that we can calmly get directions and give them whilst the other is driving and enjoy it without tension.

got to Eastbourne at about 02.30--both of us wrecked and feeling bad for our poor B&B hosts. they were lovely!

saturday...conference in the morning. it was average and a bit disappointing, but this could have been due to tiredness. took lunch in brighton....

two and a half years ago i lived in littlehampton in west sussex, so the south coast holds many dear memories for me. i was thrilled to be back and it truely is beautiful.

after a seminar on mixing bands in which i was slagged by the seminar leader cause i knew him and he didn't see any reason for me to be there, we went to the evening session. it was great. this band from nashville was brilliant. and the drummer.....gasp.

sunday morning was another brill band lead by a singer called geraldine latty. my new mate. *grin* she's a gospel singer with a voice like anything. stunning and lovely. she was class and had the personality to match.

drove back up north to catch the flight...trying to catch up with a few more people, we made the chance stop in Hyde Heath/Amersham, hoping to see my friends, Stuart and Christine Reid. alas, no luck, but after 2 and a half years i was pleased that i could still find their house. *cheeky grin*

the weekend ended by meeting my dear friend Chris Macfie in the luton airport. it was class to see her and that just might have been my highlight of the weekend. ta, chris.

caught the flight home...on time, no hitches. in bed for midnight. shattered.

good weekend.

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Chris said...

Thanks for letting me know you were around, it was lovely to hang out.

Won't leave it so long next time.