Thursday 12 January 2006


red door at Kearney
Originally uploaded by T.G.N.D..
i miss flowers.
around the house
in pots
sparkling in the sun
showing hints of colour
on a dim day
creating smiles from nothing.

it's a dim day. a very dim day. i have life decisions to make today. sometimes answers written on the wall would be easier, but that outcome was death the first time around so i'm not looking for that one. when does it get to the moment when it's time to just make the decision and ride it out. you think you're doing what you're supposed to but you won't be sure until the middle of it comes around. so here we go.


Anonymous said...

mAy tHe foRcE bE wIth yOu.....

Angie said...

Il n'y a pas de bon mots ici. Juste une bijou et une prière. Je sais que tu seras le choxi raison parce que je sais que tu suivras ta coeur et te Seigneur.
Je t'aime.