Monday 2 January 2006

new years eve

new years eve
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had a wine and cheese party for new years. good times and a bunch of mates came over for a nice glass. we rang in the hour with jools hollands blue orchestra, poppers, silly string, and chapagne. it was dress to impress so the ladies came to the nines and the men in jackets and jumpers.

any resolutions?

happy new year!


Aaron and Suellen said...

Well, Aaron seems to think we'll exercise more and eat better, but I'm still on the Mt. Dew and Frappacino diet and staying up till 3 am so maybe I need to get a job to find a little discipline...check back with me by Lent! Glad to see you back entertaining in Belfast. Of course the ladies were dressed up! Have I ever seen you not looking fantastic? Do you even own stained shirts and sweat pants? What I'd give for a photo of you slouched on a couch with mussed hair, a can of beer and a bag of pork rinds! Wait, that's me! Happy New Year!

AshleyJoy said...

New Years was fun over here in little C-town... just us dancing kids getting together and working on some West Coast Swing moves before ringing in the New Year. Good times for all... Hey, still got those pics of us when you were over here? Send them to me, if for no other reason than I'm half of the cuteness in those pics. Wish we could have had a lot more time over here. Have I told you lately...? *grin*