Tuesday 14 February 2006

st. valentine

today was my first celebrated st. valentine's day.
i opened my front door at half 8 to a man with a dozen dark red roses.
they are gorgeous.
the colour my grandfather used to grow for me.
what a lovely start to my day. :)
i shall be silently grinning all day long
cause i know i'm treasured.
and it's not just the flowers.


Aaron and Suellen said...

That is just lovely. I'm happy for you. I too have a dozen sterling roses on my table, the kind I carried in my wedding. However, 8 years married, I bought them myself! (to be fair Aaron worked to pay for them). Young love versus old love....

Anonymous said...

Hi Suellen, Helen here. Hey any roses at all are fantastic.
How is being back in the US?
Hope you are well. Sorry Eilis for posting to Suellen on your blog:)

Aaron and Suellen said...

Hi Helen!

I'm wondering if home is sometimes determined by what feels familiar, but likely I am just a Southern American girl at heart. The pace is a little more hectic but spring is just around the corner and I am long overdue for prolonged warmth! I even look forward to sweating through the summer! I don't know why my home mountains seem so beautiful, maybe there really is just no place like home! Glad you are all doing well. Stay warm!

Kelly said...

3 Cheers for Mr. Festive! :) Good for him, making your day special ;)

EilĂ­s said...

as you know, he'll love being called festive, so he will! *grin* I'll let him know you approve.