Wednesday 26 April 2006


how much do you pay for a night out? you grab a bite to eat, go to a film, have a drink or two afterwards, and take a cab home....all of the sudden you've spent £20.00. What about that top you've been eyeing in top-shop for the past 2 weeks, it's only £18. a bargain. or snacks for the week, about £20? or do you spend more? As a univsersity student how much did you pay for your books? or rather, how much did you pay for ONE book? £55? £75?

Now how about spending £12 ($20)? what can you buy for that? pretty frivolous stuff.

or enough school books for an entire year so a kid in mongolia can go to school.

How about it?

$20/£12 and one kid has enough books to stay in school for the year. and eat at the same time.

which would you choose? books? or food? not usually a choice we have to make in our safe little western worlds.

give it up. it's one night out less.

edurelief : send a kid to school

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BeautiPhil said...

It's one night out less...once.