Sunday 14 May 2006

happy birthday

happy birthday
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28 candles does give off a frightful blaze.

my birthday continued yesterday (saturday) by going to meet THE engineer.

The other E owns a recording studio. but it's like none i've ever seen before. his studio is one that you'd go to for taking photos becuase it looks so impressive. 6 room studio with several isolation rooms and a 52 channel Solid State Logic desk. beauty tangible. oh it was amazing!

The mics 5 decades old and a yamaha shell of a grand piano with steinway guts.

then there was the studer. the reel to reel tape machine.
the house was an old stone farmhouse with a hint of french ambience, but that was perhaps due to E's lifestyle and clutter along with the wood and fireplaces than the fact that it was french. the front room had cables lying all over the floor and two old rhodes keyboards. the rooster outside enhanced the whole ambience of the place and the pile of boules on the lawn in the garden spoke of a laidback life enjoyed.


Helen said...

that's quiet a sight! I'm sure you were quiet in awe.

Anonymous said...

aw shucks!
Thanks Eilis. You are Wonderful.x