Friday 23 June 2006

properly initialled

Ladies and Gentlemen.

from this day forward I am allowed to sign my name in the following manner:

E. Renich AS, BA, MA

Thank you very much I now have a Master's of Arts in Irish Studies, Politics and Culture of Northern Ireland.



CuzNuz Ruth said...

Congratulations! When was graduation?

Eilís said...

well, it's happening the 3 july, but i won't be attending cause i've got a recording job that weekend, which starts the 30 June through probably 7 July.

BeautiPhil said...

woohoo! congratulations!
good work. i love you.
have fun at Madness

Aaron and Suellen said...

My diploma (it's a wee diploma) only says Irish Studies, but I like your version better. Many congrats! Did you just find out recently?

Eilís said...

i haven't got it yet. but i just found out on the 23rd.

Anonymous said...


renichs rock! good job sis, love you, see you soon


Anonymous said...

Good job! Lots of hard work, I know. I am proud of you! Can't wait to see you soon. When do you fly in here again? -- Kelly

AshleyJoy said...

Now you have what we call "Alphabet Soup" behind your name! Congrats on that, sis. Can't wait to see you!

Anonymous said...