Tuesday 8 August 2006

us on wedding day

us on wedding day
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5 August and everything after.

here we go!


BeautiPhil said...

love you guys :-)

Anonymous said...


David G

Anonymous said...

Yahoo!!! We are all so happy for you. Have fun being an old married! ;)

CuzNuz Ruth said...

Congratulations. Wow and beautiful!! Can you "bore" us with lots of pics? -- It wouldn't really bore us and since not everyone could be there... Thanks.

Anonymous said...

flipin yeeeoo!
You look gorgeous MRS. Ferguson
See you when you arrive back in Northern Ireland.
luv ya

Anonymous said...

Whoops – the “old married” comment was actually from me (Kelly F) :)

I really am happy for you, though! And I agree, BRING ON THE PICTURES!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, so proud of you both!!

Joanne xx

Kel said...

Congratulations, sweet beautiful girl. I am so excited for you and the years to come.

AshleyJoy said...

It was so wonderful to see you on your special day. I miss you tons, but it was so good to see you. Love you tons.

Chris Cope said...

I'm late on this by only two weeks, but congratulations!

EilĂ­s said...

thanks all! don't worry, pictures will come and i'll throw up a web address so you can look at them all and get any you please, if you please.

Pat Brand said...

You were beautiful! and he wasn't bad... for a BASS PLAYER!