Tuesday 5 September 2006


i need a job. the world is frustrating me as it sits in ignorance and pride. the church is frustrating me as it sits in ignorance and pride and stays far away from what the world really needs.

i need a job. i want a ministry. i know what i want. i know what God says to do. but does anyone here want it as well? is there just one place that will say, 'yes, come be a part of this place and bring what you have to offer. bring yourself.'

why can't we 'the church' see that the world doesn't need to be told what they need. but that what they need is for us, 'the church' to get up off our lazy, hypocritical, bums and start getting our hands dirty from other peoples dirt. who cares if the Bible says to love your neighbour if we, 'the church' tell our neighbours they're going to hell cause they don't go to church. or that they're not worth talking to cause they happened to grow up in another post-code on the other side of the city or peace-wall? how can we, 'the church' say we're followers of Christ if we don't pray, if we still have prejudices against 'different' people, and if we don't serve? how can we say we love God if we cheat, lie, steal and go to church?

how can we honestly say we follow Christ? thousands of people in the middle east are willing to die for their religion and we, 'the church' say "how evil!"

rubbish! if we, 'the church' had half the commitment and servitude to our religion as muslims have to theirs, maybe we could change the world as they are. and maybe we'd be changed from our dirty, little, hypocritical lives.

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Aaron and Suellen said...

Ah! But the church is full of sinners, otherwise we wouldn't need a savior! My guess is the idea that you ever can get "cleaned up" enough leads to some of that self righteousness and hypocrisy you're experiencing...if could all realize because of sin we will continue to get dirty over and over again, and God will continue to cleanse us, we'd be further along I think. Paul says "I do what I don't want to do..." Again, if we weren't such raging hypocrites we wouldn't need God's grace!