Friday 5 January 2007

first christmas

first christmas
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we've now had our first christmas as a married couple. it was brilliant. different, of course, but brilliant.

Christena and Josh were here when we decorated the tree and they all humoured me as i read my family's traditional Mole and Troll Trim the Tree and we drank egg-nog. my first try at making was good. :)

Christmas day my friend Helen came round to be with us as her family is in NZ. We watched the Goonies and I enjoyed the West Coast scenery and Haystack rock in Astoria.

We all three joined my in-laws at there's later in the day for Christmas dinner (helen and I with the hats).

it all got me thinking about Christmas and why we celebrate it and what it really means and what our westernised culture depicts it as, and as christians what we should depict it's meaning.

Christmas Eve our pastor talked about newness and things that happen "suddenly" in life. in reality, this christmas would be one of those things. who knew burton's influence would cause this happiness and begin such a relationship to continue in marriage.

so happy christmas. and here's to the 'suddenly'.

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